Here's our first exclusive event Dine Experience

On November 23, join us for the first culinary experience, where we will discover completely new dimensions of enjoying food and drink. Our concept of the event 'Flavors of Undiscovered Combinations' is based on the search for surprising combinations between food and drink, where both components play an equally important role. Each course of food will be followed by its own type of drink.

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Flavors of Undiscovered Combinations

Chef Gregor Jelnikar and Sommelier Valentin Bufolin will prepare a surprising 5 and 7 course menu. They will show you how we can step out of our comfort zone in the culinary world.


Details of the Event

  • Date: 23.11.2023
  • Time: 17:00 / 20:00
  • Location: Georgie Bistro
  • Chef: Gregor Jelnikar
  • Sommelier: Valentin Bufolin
  • Theme: Flavors of Undiscovered Combinations

Event Includes

Culinary duel

Witness a culinary challenge where sommelier Bufolin and chef Jelnikar will have to step outside their comfort zone. They will create a unique multi-course menu for us, in which they will combine different types of drinks. Will they help each other when creating the menu, or will they play around a bit and make the challenge more difficult? The answer awaits us at the event.

Accompanying drinks

Valentin Bufolin, in cooperation with the DRINX company, will make a careful selection of drinks, which will enable a varied and unpredictable multi-course menu. Next to each course of the menu, the guest can expect a course with a different type of drink.

Comfortable location

Georgie Bistro, at Čufarjeva Street 5 in Ljubljana, evokes feelings of comfort and acceptance in the guest. The modernly furnished ambience in a palette of soft color tones is perfect for the event, as we want the guest to feel part of the culinary DINE Experience experience.

Gregor Jelnikar-culinary creativity

Before opening his bistro, Gregor honed his talents at the Monstera restaurant under the mentorship of Binet Volčič. After that, Bine entrusted him with the main role of Chef and Monstera won the Michelin Plate award in the years 20/21 and 21/22. Now, Gregor at Georgie bistro is committed to using fresh ingredients of proven origin and combines culinary influences from all over the world.

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